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Welcome to Pen’n Paper Tutors. We are glad that you are providing us the opportunity to provide you exceptional services. Please go through the Terms and Conditions before proceeding further.

Terms & Conditions

1. Academy will charge the first fee in advance directly from you.

2. From second month onwards, you can pay the fee directly to Tutor.

3. If you pay the first month’s fee directly to tutor, Academy will not take any responsibility of the Tutor.

4. Academy does have all the testimonials of the Tutor including CNIC number. However, we advise you to keep CNIC copy of the tutor.

5. Academy will not take any responsiblity of any committments regarding grades/results made by the tutor except number of days and hours committed.

6. In case of any untowards situation, please contact us immediately.

7. Once a payment is made from your side, please keep the proof with you for future reference. No claim regarding payment will be entertained without a proof.

If you agree to the terms and conditions stated above, please proceed further.

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Note: Our services are currently available in Karachi Only.